Designed for fish and seafood lovers looking for inspiration and guidance, we have a range of classes to tempt you.

Our expert fish cutters and mussel farmer will be on hand to guide you through the intricacies of cutting, skinning, trimming, steaming and preparing your seafood and our cooking teacher will show you how to turn the seafood into delicious dishes you can cook at home.

Our “Hobby Fisherman’s Class” is perfect for those local guys who get out on the water and want to know how to expertly scale, gut and fillet their catch as well as how to cook it. You’ll get your hands dirty under the guidance of our expert fish cutter so that you can easily replicate your new skills at home.

We also offer classes specialising in mussels, oysters, salmon and a range of seasonal topics all focusing on fish and shellfish. Participants enjoy generous tastings of all the dishes prepared and enjoy local wines as well as tea and coffee.

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