Children: Edward, Ann, Mary, John Evan, Rowland, Robert and Catherine

JOHN EDWARDS, Phila. Co. Yeoman. February 11, 1761. February eight, 1767. Execs.: Rowland Evan and you will young buck John Edwards. Trustees: John Jones (carpenter) and you will John Evans. Wit: Jacob Kolb and you can Lanoerd Sink. O.100.

Children: (1) Edward meters. Elizabeth Robeson; (2) Rowland m. Mary Robeson; (3) Mary m. John Robeson or Robinson; (4) Ann; (5) Robert; (6) Catherine; (7) John]

1720 – John Edwards signs marriage certificate on the best column with male members of the family off Thomas Williams, Montgomery, widower meters. Jane Morris d/o Morris Richard away from Merionethshire, Wales dec’d within Gwynedd mh, eighth mo 14, 1720. (Mary Edwards signs having feminine family)

[1727 – John Edward out of Towamencin signs petition to build a route (now Valley Forge Rd.) from which Northern Penn Senior school is starting to become towards area of the latest Providence Conference Home.]

Col 1

1750 – John Edwards cues during the line dos from relationships certification off Edward Foulke regarding Gwynedd yards. elizabeth within Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 25, 1750. (William Edwards cues when you look at the same column)

1829-10-29 Lydia (partner regarding William) disowned for signing up for the latest Hicksites [William Edwards, b. April 18, 1774, Milford twp., Bucks, m. Lydia Roberts, child of Israel Roberts and you can Ann Foulke]

1720 – Mary Edwards signs relationship certification in the heart line which have feminine nearest and dearest out-of Thomas Williams, Montgomery, widower yards. Jane Morris d/o Morris Richard regarding Merionethshire, Wales dec’d at Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 14, 1720. (John Edwards signs which have male loved ones)

1733 – Mary Edward cues wedding certificate from Moses Peters s/o Garrett regarding Montgomery yards. e within Gwynedd mh, third mo 17, 1733. (Thomas Edwards and you will William Edward when you look at the surrounding column)

1761-11-es of Franconia twp and you can encin, 17, 11mo., 1761 from the Gwynedd MH. John Edwards, Rowland Edwards, James Robinson, Mary Robinson, Mary Edwards, Robert Edwards, Evan Edwards, Jane Edwards, John Edwards, Ann Edwards, Alce Edwards, John Thomson, David Norman, Rachel Lukens, John Lukens, Age Edwards. Col 2. Ellin Evans, Elisabeth Morgan, Sarah Griffith, s, Margaret Evans, Jane Jones, Mary Ellis, Sarah Davies, Mary Ellis, Elisabeth Wright, Mary Luken, Mary Edwards, Hannah Nailor, Cathrine Heidrick, Ruth Jones, Priscilla Davies, Age Lukens. Col 3. John Jones, Samuel Evans, Joos Griffith, Evan Jones, Daniel Williams, Robert Ellis, John Davies, Isaac Ellis, Jacob Godshalk, Joseph Nailer, Jonathan Clayton, Occupations Luken.

1741 – Robert Edwards cues during the column 2 regarding marriage certification from David Morris s/o Cadwalader out-of Phila. Co., meters. elizabeth from the Gwynedd mh, __mo 20, 1741.

1746-10-eleven Rowland Edwards s/o John regarding Towamencin twp., m. encin meeting place, tenth mo eleven, 1746. Wit: John, parece Robeson, Daniel Morgan, Daniel Williams, John and Rowland Evans.

John Robert, Thomas Jones, Rowland Richard, Richard Jones, Evan Owen, Robert Ellis, John Owen, Richard Wallter

1703 – Thomas Edward signs the wedding certification since the a member of family off either the newest groom otherwise fiance: Hugh Roberts, out of Gwynedd m. Ann Thomas, off Upper Merion, within Merion yards.h., seventh mo. 30, 1703. Witnesses, Line 1 (men relatives?). Thomas David, Thomas Edward, Owen Evan, David Jones, Griffith John, David Evan, David Gethin, John Griffith, Owen Gethun, Evan Griffith, Robert Evan, Edward Griffith, Peter Jones, Robert Robert, Cadd. Jones, Edd. Cadwalader. Col 2 (Quaker overseers, elders and neighbors). John Bevan, Ellis Pugh, Rowland Ellis, Cadd. Morgan, Hugh Griffith, Robert Jones, Thomas Evan, Robert David, John Cadd. Col 3 (feminine nearest and dearest ?). Ellin Jones, Ann Lewis, Ann Jones, , Catherin Jones, Jane Evan, Jane Thomas, Sidney Rees, Mary Evan, Gainor Robert, Margeret Ellis, Sarah Evan, Catherin Pugh, Hannah Jones.

1715 – Thomas – In the our Monthly Meeting kept in the Gwynedd the latest 30th 6th few days 1715: “3rd ly Thomas Edward and you can Mary Speed declared its Aim away from Relationships with each other next some time by Account gotten, things are located Obvious they are left to their liberty to help you Consumate the sd Aim ? Robert Jones and you may John Williams try Appointed to attend its age Arranged Finished.” [Which Jane could be brand new daughter off possibly Robert otherwise Richard Pugh who had been most likely brothers.]